The firm of Abraham M. Hoffman Attorney at Law is here to protect you, your assets and your heirs. Many people work hard through their lives to live comfortably so their assets should be protected. 

It is really important to plan correctly as your assets can be taken away or taxed more heavily than necessary. When you seek our legal advice, you and your heirs won't lose asset value and you will protect yourself in certain situations such as if a marriage dissolves or if you enter into some sort of litigation. 

We have extensive experience in situations wherein a contested will is involved. Our firm will make a complicated plan look simple and easy. It's so important to protect your assets! Whether it concerns litigation or negotiation, we are known for our quick response and great results.

Abraham M. Hoffmann Attorney at Law believes in frequent and open communication so you always know where you stand. Call 203-373-1350 for your FREE consultation today.


Representing executors, administrators, heirs and beneficiaries who are involved in the probate process, we will minimize the amount of time and expenses involved with probate while ensuring that your loved one's final wishes are carried out accurately. 

We will also assist you in locating and valuing assets, filing final tax returns for the estate, locating heirs and beneficiaries and distributing one's assets appropriately. There's plenty of FREE parking at our law firm.
You'll appreciate our small office that is client and service oriented. With his over 39 years of experience, put your trust in Abraham M. Hoffmann.
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