Debt collection


We help companies collect past due receivables. - Companies and professionals work on slim profit margins in today's competitive market. When a customer fails to pay for a bill for services or products, your bottom line can be greatly impacted. 

If you have been awarded a court judgment, or by a settlement, you deserve to receive your money in a timely manner.

No matter your path in life, Abraham M. Hoffman Attorney at Law can help. Whether you are a professional, individual, tradesman, healthcare provider, contractor or a company with unpaid bills or past due accounts receivable, an excellent solution is to retain the services of Abraham M. Hoffman Attorney at Law. We can assist you with any type of debt collection, from commercial and consumer collections to student loans, medical, or retail debt collections. 

Abraham M. Hoffmann Attorney at Law has extensive experience and a track record of success in debt collection matters, having recovered debts owed on retail, commercial and business accounts both large and small.

Debt collection is often time consuming, difficult and sometimes futile. In addition, trying to collect on delinquent accounts or judgments takes valuable time and resources away from running your business and enjoying your family and personal life. Call our locally owned and operated firm at 203-373-1350 for your FREE consultation.


  • Locating debtors and assets 
  • Pre-litigation negotiation and collections 
  • Debt litigation 
  • Obtaining judgments against debtors 
  • Filing judgment liens 
  • Judgment collection and enforcement 
  • Domestication of judgments from other states 
  • Levying on assets 
  • Wage garnishment proceedings 
  • Other debt collection efforts
Our history shows success in our collection efforts while complying with all the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 

We use technology, software and an experienced staff to find debtors, locate assets and collect monies owed. Our filing system is sophisticated and ensures accuracy and reliability. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.
Abraham M. Hoffmann Attorney at Law offers individual attention to his clients. He received his education from the University of Louisville School of Law.
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